Wilder Report and September 8 Conference

Fall is a great time for clearing and for planning. We've harvested the efforts of the past season and are ready to reflect on what's gone well and think ahead to how we can improve. The metaphor of the seasons is one we live and also one we employ as we gather on September 8, 2016 to learn the results of the Wilder Survey of Homelessness in Fargo-Moorhead and choose our next steps in tackling the issue. It is too easy to forget how it felt to interview hundreds of people experiencing homelessness nearly a year ago. I remember mostly feeling frustrated that our data collection was not housing anyone in the moment -- it seemed like stealing to take their stories and give only enough back to buy a fast-food hamburger. I had to remind myself that the data we gather helps long-term in setting policy, securing funding, and grasping the complexity of the problem.

The conference is an opportunity to hear from a national expert in the field, Dr. Sam Tsemberis, and to express the will of the community in setting our next steps. As a Coalition, we gather information and groups of people together and distill the best ideas from their interactions. The ideas selected at the conference will be the actions we take in the next three years. Please bring your ideas and your voice to the table.