Partners & Involvement

Become a Partner in Ending Homelessness 

The FM Coalition for Homeless Persons relies on its partners to accomplish its mission, goals and objectives. Any organization, group, or individual with an interest in homelessness is invited to become a part of the Coalition. You don't have to be a member to participate in a Work Group, but we welcome your participation.

Member Partners

Members are the backbone of the FM Coalition by committing to support our mission, vision, and values and being active in the work of the Coalition through participation and promotion. Members pay annual dues and have the right to vote on Coalition business. (Inability to pay is not an obstacle to membership.) 
Membership forms for 2018:
   Organizational Form.
   Individual Form. 

Supporting Partners

Supporters are any indivudial, organization, or business who believes in the mission of the Coalition and its members and wants to partner in our work in any way. This includes donors at all levels and anyone who strategicly joins the work of supporting the Coaliton. 

Funding Partners

Funding Partners are foundations, organizations, businesses or individuals whose grants and/or significant gifts provide major funding for the Coalition's operation and future finacial health.

Coalition Committees & Work Groups

The collaboration and innovation that will end long-term homelessness in our community happens in the work groups of the Coalition.All are project-based and time-limited. We welcome your involvement.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE works on education programs for service workers as well as provides high quality H101 for the general public as well as service providers. These programs work for CEU credit and also provide networking opportunities. Any level of education can find a fit in this group.
Contact Cody Schuler.

POLICY & ADVOCACY COMITTEE works on policy and advocacy issues at the city, county, and state levels as well as keeping abreast of national and international issues of homelessness. No previous experience is required. 
Contact Cody Schuler.

LRMF ADVISORY BOARD manages the Lanlord Risk Mitigation Fund. Members representing houing, property managment, and housing services are appointed by the FM Coalition Board of Directors. If interested in serving, inquire about openings on the board.
Contact Cody Schuler. 

RESEARCH & DATA COMMITTEE is a new group forming to work on gathering facts and compiling data to be used as a tool for policy, outreach, public relations, and initiative development.  No matter your comfort level with research or data, you can find a fit in this group.
Contact Cody Schuler.

FM CARES WORK GROUP  oversees the Coordinated Assessment and Referral Evaluation System (CARES) implementation process in the Fargo-Moorhead region. The group guides and critically reviews information and reports that will assist in the continuous refinement of the CARES project. CARES Coordinator chairs. The group meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 1:30 pm at Atomic Coffee. 
Contact Cody Schuler.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES FOR TENANTS AND LANDLORDS (SOFTAL) is a a committee of Lakes and Prairies Commuinty Action Partnership in connection with the FM Coalition. It meets the third Tuesday of the month at 1:30 pm at the Family Service Center in Moorhead (N 11th Street).
Contact Emma Schmidt.


Other Working Groups that welcome your volunteer energy:

  • Homeless Medical Respite is fully developed and launched under the aspices of Sanford Health, Fargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority and New Life Center but has a continuing need for community engagement. Contact Lois Ustanko.