Gap Grants for Employment and Education

Gap Grant Application


The Gap Grant helps with the education and employment needs for which other sources of funds are not available. These needs may include efforts to get or keep a job or further an education plan. Requests must address a specific need for a specific individual.

Gap Grants are not paid directly to an individual. Rather, checks are made payable to a vendor or sponsor. Applications can be mailed, e-mailed, faxed, or delivered directly to the executive director or a board member. All grant applications must be sponsored by a current member-partner of the Coaltion. Applications are reviewed by the FMCHP Board on a case-by-case basis. Generally, grants are $100 or less.


The sponsor works with the applicant to complete the form and verify that the information is accurate. The sponsor also makes sure that grant funds are used properly. The Sponsor writes a letter of recommendation for the applicant. Sponsors are members in good standing of the FM Coalition for Homeless Persons.


Applicants are limited to funding once every 12 months.


  1. Applicants must have a written recommendation from a member of the FM Coalition for Homeless Persons (case manager, pastor, shelter director, etc.).
  2. Applicants must be homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness.
  3. Applicants must currently be residing in the FM area.
  4. Funds must be used to help obtain or maintain a job or to further education.
  5. Other sources of funding must be used before a Gap Grant is requested. A Gap Grant can be used in conjunction with other funding sources.