Ways We HELP

Need immediate emergency shelter? Go to CARES.

Where to go for HELP resource guide

The HELP cards list contact information for services ranging from food to shelter, health to employment. They are updated regularly and are free to any group or person willing to distribute them. Pocket cards are available from the Coalition. The link above includes a coded map and can be printed as a two-sided, color .pdf for distribution.


Housing Rights and Resources

Knowing your rights as a renter and your responsibilities as a tenant avoids costly evictions and the damaging experience of homelessness.Chidlren are especially vulnerable to long-term harms from experiences of homelessness. To stay housed people need skills, resources, and supports. If you are lacking in any of these you are at-risk of homelessness. Classes and coaching are available.

Gap Grant Program

Grants of up to $100 made to households experiencing homelessness for purposes related to employment or education. The grantee must referred by a Coalition partner (member in good standing), including a letter of reference. Turnaround time is one to five business days. Typical purchase is work boots, car repair, or other need not provided by other agencies.

Gap Grant application

Landlord Risk Mitigation Program

The Landlord Risk Mitigation Program provides "insurance" to landlords who are willing to rent to tenants with barriers to passing rental housing background checks. The potential tenant must be referred to the program by a service provider and must have housing case management during the time in the program. Once certified for the program, the potential tenant receives a certificate and the lease is guarenteed against lost rent and damages to a specified amount (above and beyond the security deposit). 

Landlord Risk Mitigation Program details

Taxi Ride Program

Rides are provided between shelters for best placement, and between shelters and hospitals for urgent care. Rides are authorized by emergency shelter staff. This program avoids high cost ambulance rides and contributes to safe emergency housing if someone is ineligible to stay at a particular shelter.

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