Education Opportunities

Educational Opportunities


About Homelessness 101

An entry-level training on homelessness for new advocates in the field, as well as the general public. Service providers, church groups or community members interested in getting involved in solutions to homelessness will get a clear understanding of the complexity and opportunities for change. This day-long training includes presentations, practice and networking. Lunch is provided.

"This training is both informative and empowering." from evaluation by a library associate

"A safe place to learn, think, and share." from evaluation by a new shelter advocate

"A motivating boost to keep on advocating." from evaluation by an experienced direct service provider

About Homelessness 201

Homelessness 201 classes are targeted to service providers. They are shorter, two to four hours in lengh, and often done as brownbag lunches over the noon hour. The topics are selected based on what the provider community requests. The focus is on best practice and information sharing.

"It's great to have this opportunity to slow down and talk with other knowledgeable advocates/service providers and discuss homeless/rental issues in our area."
Megan E., self-sufficiency case manager on H201 Best Pracies in Housing Case Mangement

This has been the most helpful homelessness training I have attended so far."
Case manager evaluation of H201, Criminal Hisotry and Background in Employment and Housing held 2/24/2016

How to propose a workshop, brownbag, or other education session

Email your ideas and requests to the Education Committee or attend a committee meeting and share in person. Helping to shape an idea into something that will be meaningful to others is one of the ways we build and maintain a strong coalition.