Community Innovation

The Role of Innovation

Collaboration is a positive source of growth and innovation because it brings together diverse strengths and pools resources so everyone can have their needs met. At the end of 2015 we received notice of a $10,000 Consensus Council grant to study the feasibility of a project we are calling INCH (as in “inch by inch, row by row…”). If feasible, INCH would provide a permanent home for the Coalition offices, a hub for innovative and collaborative projects, and a center for service connections, personal care needs, and more for people experiencing a housing crisis. We also learned that this project is a finalist in the next round of Bush Community Innovation grants. Everyday I drive between the West Acres area and my home in northeast Moorhead. All along the first avenue cooridor I covet empty buildings that could be a service hub for people experiencing homelessness. I imagine someone entering our doors tired, dirty, and feeling downhearted and leaving rested, clean, and with hope of having housing within days instead of months or never.

Innovative organizations, in business and social justice sectors, embrace creative ideas with willingness to explore, engage, and act in a visionary manner. The partners of the FM Coalition hold the vision of a community where the basic human right to a home is fully met. We face challenges, but see them as opportunities to re-explore and refine for better and shared solutions. Our commitment to collaboration and innovation is what makes us successful, even if those successes are inch by inch.