Volunteer Opportunities

Most of the homeless service providers in FMWF have volunteer opportunities waiting for willing hearts and hands. Specifics are usually found on their websites and are also listed on the website of the Impact Foundation. The Impact Foundation is a great way to screen for the kinds of opportunties that interest you or your group.

The FM Coalition has several events every year that require lots of volunteer support: Project Community Connect, held spring and fall, requires about 75 volunteers to operate successfully. Homeless Awareness Week, held in November, features multiple events that rely on volunteers. We are also happy to provide referrals that fit with your individual or organizational volunteer needs.

If your group wants a project that impacts homelessness, there are some dos and don'ts. Right now, lots of church groups are engaged in making hygiene and meal kits for emergency shelters to hand out. Blankets are also very popular. These are good and useful tools for people experiencing homelessness, but they do not change the household's status in any way. We encourage your group to consider strategies for long-term and permanent impacts -- strategies that lead to housing. A couple of local churches recently "adopted" families that were homeless. The families are now housed and the congregations continue to provide resources and supports to help them stabilize. We are happy to share more ideas for these kinds of permanent solutions. Contact the Coalition.