Annual Events

2nd Annual Awards Luncheon, September 2017, Date to be Annouced

To celebrate the rich collaborative spirit of our commuinty, the FM Coaltion gathers for socializting, inspiration, and to honor the hard work of the finest among us. Building on past occasional events and 2016's luncheon at the Out of the Box Conferen, this year marks the start of an annual event. Click here to view/download the awards nomination form. 


Homeless Memorial Day, December 21, 2017

The longest night of the year, Winter Solstice, is also the time we commemorate the members of our community who have died while homeless or for whom long-term homelessness was the main cause of their death. Long-term homelessness takes 25 or more years off the person's life expectancy. This is not surprising if you really consider the impact of sleeping rough, never sleeping well, along with the impacts of poor nutrition, the high likelihood of assault and brain injury, and all the other factors that are part of being without a home.


Homeless and Hungry Awareness Week, November 12-18, 2017

Each year the FM Coalition plans events for National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week. Planning is underway, please check back here for updates!

Read about National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week


A highlight of H&H Week 2016 was an Open Mic Night at the Red Raven organized by a team from MSUM/NDSU Social Work organizaiton.